Going beyond the four corners of the healthcare facility fostering support and hope. …


Over the years, MRXUH has gone beyond the four corners of the health care facility in providing not just basic healthcare services but an environment that foster support and hope. Community based programs and activities such as medical missions and feeding programs had been part of the annual activities of the institution participated by members of the MRXUH workforce with an aim of creating a more sustainable community.

True to our roots, MRXUH has remained devoted to how initially the institution was formed, extending ourselves to the marginalized. We have continually provided support to patients who are unable to have access to health care through our social service. In our continued efforts, fundraising events had been staged allowing private individuals and companies to contribute and aide us in our call for generosity.

More than the care we provide to our patients within the hospital we are one with the community and the world in promoting a better environment. MRXUH joined the international coalition of hospitals and health care systems in sharing the vision of being truly a healthcare that does not harm: Health Care Without Harm. MRXUH has instituted environment-friendly alternatives to conventional choices in supporting the daily operations of the hospital while green practices such as strict waste segregation had been reinforced in resonance to the world’s address to climate change.

As an edifice of MRXUH’s commitment towards a greener healthscape, the Material Recovery Facililty Unit (MRFU) had been constructed and an organized management of hospital wastes had been established. It is our pride and joy to have put up a waste water treatment facility ensuring that our waste water are safe and non-toxic. One small step could be a leap of faith.

Partner Foundation / Organizations

Archbishop Hayes Foundation, Inc.
Smile Train Philippines
Modern Nanays of Mindanao