May 29, 2018 is a remarkable day not just for the Kagay-anons but as for the people of Northern Mindanao. During this month we celebrated “The National Cervical Cancer Consciousness” with a theme “Kalusugan ng Mag-ina ay Pahalagahan. Magpa-cervical cancer screening at magpabakuna laban sa HPV”.

The said event was hosted by one of Cagayan de Oro’s finest hospital Maria Reyna-Xavier University Hospital also known as MRXUH. This was spearheaded by the Department of Health Region 10.

This event has empowered one hundred (100) women in Cagayan de Oro by giving them the knowledge on cervical cancer prevention and control, how to have a healthy lifestyle, plus HPV immunization. Detection of cancer was also done with the use of Visual Inspection Acetic Acid also known as VIA as screening linked to treatment using cryotherapywas also done aside from the counseling. Also children in grade 4 were also immunized for protection against HPV.

Here are the services offered during the one day event:

Continuous counseling, information campaign on cervical cancer (disease and prevention)

Screening whole body with focus on breast and cervix

Visual Inspection Acetic Acid (VIA) Test

Linked to treatment using cryotherapy or referral as needed

HPV immunization of selected adolescents

During the press conference which were responded by the following panel: Dr. Clarito Cairo, Dr. Nimfa Torrizo, Dr. Cecilia Llave, Dr. Ruth Beltran, Dr. Rico Borromeo, and City Mayor Oscar Moreno the media were expressed to take the very important key points; that Cervical Cancer is a disease that can be treated and prevented. There are preventive strategies which include screening, vaccination, and a having a healthy lifestyle. It was also pointed out that there are national and sub-national initiatives and partnerships that should be maximized to create a much wider awareness.