Your nurse / billing personnel will inform you once your bill is ready.

10-Step Discharge Process
1. Written orders and final diagnoses given by all
attending physician.
2. ICD Coding by PHIC Nurse (For PHIC Members & Dependents.
3. Unused medicines and supplies will be returned to the Pharmacy and Central Supply.
4. Tagging and Clearance from all Departments.
5. Discharge Notice will be sent to Billing
6. Preparation of Statement of Account (SOA)
7. Release of Statement of Account (At Window 1 or 2)
8. Settlement of Bill (Window 4)
• a clearance slip will be given and to be presented to the nurses’ station and security personnel at the entrance lobby
9. Get Discharge Instructions from the Nurses’ Station
• present the clearance slip to the nurse-in-charge
• a copy of the discharge instruction will be given to you by the nurse-in-charge

10. Submission of Clearance Slip to the Security Personnel at the Entrance Lobby
• surrender clearance slip to the security personnel as you leave the hospital

Ask the Security Personnel at the lobby incase you need taxi service.