The Philippine Government has programs that provide aid to those who need medical assistance through various agencies and below are the requirements to be prepared for the availment of the said assistance:

PCSO: Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office

Please note that apart from the basic requirements there are are additional requirement to be prepared depending on the nature or case of the patient:

Basic Requirements
1. Duly Accomplished PCSO IMAP Application Form
2. Original/Certified True Copy of Updated Medical Abstract duly signed by the physician with license and PTR numbers.
3. Photocopy of Valid ID (Patient and Representative). Company ID, Student ID and Any government issued identification card are honored such as:
Passport, Driver’s License, GSIS Card, PRC Card, Voter’s ID, PHIC ID, SSS Card, UMID Card,
Senior Citizen’s ID, DSWD-4Ps ID
4. Authorization letter from patient in cases where there is no immediate relative available for interview.
5. Police Report (for medico-legal only)

Additional Requirements for: Confinement
– Original Copy of the Hospital Bill/ Statement of Account with details duly signed by the Billing Officer
– Endorsement letter from the Medical Social Worker
– Promissory Note (for discharge patient not more than 1 month with pending bill)

Additional Requirements for: Medicines and Chemotherapy Drugs
– Updated original prescription duly signed by the physician with license and PTR numbers.
– Treatment Protocol (for chemo drugs only)

Additional Requirements for: Laboratory and Diagnostic Procedures
– Updated original Copy of request stating laboratory procedure duly signed by the physician with license and PTR numbers.
– Official costing of the said laboratory/procedure from patient’s hospital/diagnostic center of choice

Additional Requirements for: Radiation Therapy
-Official price qoutation for prescribed sessions

Additional Requirements for: Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy
-Official price qoutation for prescribed sessions duly signed by the therapist

Requirements for Hemodialysis
1. Official Price Qoutation for Injectable
2. Doctor’s prescription for Hemoglobin
3. Certificate of Ongoing Treatment from the Nephrologist (indicating the date of last dialysis session)
4. Philhealth Certification
5. Medical Abstract duly signed by attending physician with license and PTR numbers
7. Photocopy of patient’s and representative’s ID
8. Certificate of Acceptance of Guarantee Letter
9. Updated Laboratory Results (Creatinine)

Other assistance offered by PCSO: Operation, Hearing Aid, Implant/Prosthesis, Wheelchair & Blood Processing Fee

DSWD/CSWD: Department of Social Welfare and Development

1. Clinical Abstract / Medical Certificate duly signed by a physician with license number (3 Months Validity)
2. Statement of Account or Prescription (for medications) or Laboratory requests (for laboratory tests)
3. Barangay Certificate of Residency/Indigency and any valid ID of the representative and patient.
4. Referral letter from any organisation

For more information and queries:
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