Recently, the 2nd MRXUH Quality Week was launched and one of its core activity was entitled “It’s Time: Synchronizing the MRXUH Time” in an effort to instilling time consciousness amongst its human resource and taking a single step at a time in streamlining its services.

Last July 17, 2017 at 9:45am, personnel from the administrative as well as the clinical services including department representatives, office clerks, nurses, doctors and their secretaries gathered at the MRXUH Medical Specialty Center Concierge for the ceremonial synchronization of wall clocks and watches.

Truly it was a remarkable event not because of the silliness of the activity but the effect amongst its human resource, providing a shared experience in the hope that it will contribute to a more harmonious working environment not to mention an opportunity to dust off our gadgets and change batteries.

At exactly 9:55am everyone set their clocks according to the Philippine Standard Time (PST) as recommended by PAG-ASA and DOST. Simultaneously, the Management Information System worked on the Hospital Information System (HIS) to also be in accordance with the PST.