Celebrating the preparation for life through meaningful services for expecting parents

Gugmang Wala’y Sukod by: Rosenio Mana-ay

As a hospital committed towards Mother and Child Care, we have created affordable and meaningful bundles of care during your journey to motherhood capped with a priceless experience of Unang Yakap and Exclusive Breastfeeding

Maternity Packages:

1. PHIC Only: For patients with PHIC, 4 Ps members and sponsored PHIC.
2. Service Package: For patients whose Phil health is self-employed. P 5000.00 + PHIC coverage.
3. Private Package: For patients whose PHIC is self-employed or employed but prefers to be managed by their designated OB-GYNE consultants. P 12,000.00 + PHIC coverage.
4. Cesarean Package: For patients who were enrolled in the PHIC only, SERVICE and PRIVATE packages who need to undergo caesarean section. P 25,000.00 + PHIC coverage.

1. Open to all patients irregardless of socio-economic status
2. 28 weeks or below pregnant women upon enrollment
3. A current Philhealth member

For details you may contact the Medical Social Worker at local 414.