Rehabilitation is the key to getting back to functioning at a level where you can live at home, enjoy your family, and hopefully work. Maria Reyna Xavier University Hospital aims to send this message to everyone to not be anxious of rehabilitation.

Now a day’s people miss- conceptualized rehabilitation for drug use only. As a hospital institution it is our aim to educate people on what Rehabilitation is and its importance to the community especially on the field of Sports.

With this MRXUH celebrates the National Rehab Week on its very 1st attempt with a Rehab and Sports Medicine Week last September 17-19, 2018. With the theme “Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better”. The event was graced by our ever energetic and caring Physiatrists. Lectures on Sports, Cardio and Neuro Rehab were discussed, as well as demos on how to assist a patient with these certain conditions. Dr. Ma. Luisa Palabrica was also on the said event to discuss further on the importance of the said rehab. Aside from the lectures there was also a Zumba that was held on the 1st day and we were also entertained by some performances from the rehab interns.

As an institution we invite everyone to Move, Feel, and Live Better and know the importance of Rehabilitation.
We at MRXUH we assure that our physiatrists perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the source of your condition. Based on the evaluation, your expert therapists will then design and implement a personalized treatment plan that will best meet your needs and restore your function. All care is provided in a comfortable, safe, and professional setting.

MRXUH’s Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Center is the region’s premiere choice for complete care for a range of sports, musculoskeletal and neurologic rehabilitation problems. Our goal is to help you maximize your mobility, overall health, and return to function.

We use the latest diagnostic technology, to provide quality medical care to our patients. This technology helps us make accurate diagnoses, so that specific and appropriate treatment can be carried out. Rehabilitation and Sports and Medicine Center serve clients throughout Northern Mindanao including patients from neighboring provinces and cities. Specializing in comprehensive in-patient and out-patient therapy for children, adults and the elderly through an individualized and goal oriented approach.

For further details and appointment you may visit us at the Ground Floor of the Medical Specialty Center or you may Contact us at: (08822) 712-664 / (088) 857-1766 local 617 Mobile: 0917-838-1279.