Privileged to share in God’s saving and healing action, we envision MRXUH as a dynamic, Christ-centered and socially responsible global health care institution delivering holistic and excellent services to all.


We commit to:
1. Provide compassionate, competent and holistic quality health care to all;
2. Follow bioethical principles and uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church;
3. Develop competencies and empower partnerships in education, training and research and the integral development
of healthcare of professionals;
4. Pursue socially innovative and responsive healthcare services at par with global standards

Core Values

As a company that foster innovation, every stakeholder is encouraged to go beyond the norms, and outside the box to provide the best service to our clientele. Creating opportunities from limitations and being courageous in diversity, welcoming the peculiar and non-conventional.

Looking through the heart of the institution, compassion is a vital element in the delivery of services. Finding joy in genuine appreciation of others’ perspective and having a deeper concern of the individual with empathy at its core. Creating a pleasant experience that is personal and truly light-heartening.

Authenticity at the forefront of the organization, one presents himself skillfully in all circumstances, flexible and attuned yet deeply rooted to the values of his being and organization. Allowing one to be consistent in thoughts, words and deeds with utmost sincerity and transparency.

The company and its people have high regard for individuality, acknowledging the others’ uniqueness as a human being while treating everyone with dignity, providing a supportive environment where everyone is highly valued.  Seeing each person distinctly created in the image and likeness of God and embracing all that makes up each individual.

We as an organization believe in the highest standard of personal and organizational integrity in the performance and delivery of services. Likewise, we aim in service excellence, doing more than what is expected and ordinary, turning day to day operations into an extraordinary experience for every clientele.

Core Strategy

Proclaiming God’s love through our comprehensive and quality health care services.