Protect My Heart; Your Heart was this year’s MRXUHs promise for the World Heart Day.

Yes we did celebrate the World Heart Day; for most of us we think that the month of February is the month to celebrate the world heart day; yes we may be right with that, but in the Philippines the Month of February is the Philippine Heart Month; but for the world to celebrate it is on the month of September.

MRXUH did not just celebrate the World Heart Day in just 1 day. Since we are a hospital that really assures the difference in healthcare we made it happen and celebrated it in 5 days. From September 24 to 28, 2018 we made sure that the world heart days could be of great influence.

With an enterprise from Dr. Roy Sasil and the Cardiovascular Specialist Center here at MRXUH they initiated a free ABI Screening, free ECG, Free BP Taking, and Free Consultation from Dr. Roy Sasil and company. Aside from that the highlight of the week long event was the Special Program that was held last September 26, 2018 at Medical Specialty Center. Talks about how to do a CPR was conducted, how to give your heart an exercise in just 1 minute was also demonstrated, the do’s and don’ts of how to take care of our heart was also discussed, and above all a video entitled ’Doctors are human too” by the Philippine Heart Association was also shown to make awareness to everyone that doctors are also human, and that we don’t need to be a medical professional to be able to do a CPR, it is the PHA and now MRXUHs advocate to make sure to SAVE A LIFE; Learn CPR.

Through this event we mad e an awareness to protect your heart, my heart. Love yourself, love your heart.

You, what can you promise?